I’m feeling funny and free!

This is my first blog.

I’ve created it for two reasons – to keep myself accountable to the goals I’ve made for myself; and, well, just to write!

I’ve recently ‘discovered’ minimalism. By discovered I mean that I’ve discovered it for myself. I’m sick sick sick of all the clutter in my life! A chance encounter with a fabulous minimalist cooking blog Stonesoup (by fellow Australian Jules Clancy) got me thinking about minimalism. The more I thought about it, the more appealing it was.

I decided I wanted a less cluttered life.

I’ve trawled the net reading up on minimalism. There is heaps of information and advice out there. At first it was a little overwhelming – people living with the bare minimum. Could I do that? I have clutter everywhere and have decided on a plan for myself. It’s a plan to not only de-clutter, but to lose the guilt that hangs over me. I’m starting very small, with the hope that in doing so I will be creating a lifestyle that is sustainable for me.

My plan is two-fold:

  • to throw away/give away/or sell at least one of the un-needed items in my house every week (if I manage to get rid of more stuff than that it will be a bonus);

  •  and every week to make one area of my house clutter-free and keep it that way.

I started today.

I have two bowls that I keep for my cats to have their nightly drink of cat-milk from. The thing is, more often than not I just use their regular bowls. So there are two sets of bowls sitting there on the floor. Two bowls that have to be cleaned, and have to be moved when I sweep and mop. Not any more – I threw out the ‘milk’  bowls (I doubt anyone would want bowls that cats have been drinking out of…).

Also I cleared my coffee table of all the junk that just seems to accumulate (and multiply). I kept a small basket to put in the little things I use regularly (remote controls, nail file, pen and notebook). I will have to be careful to make sure this basket doesn’t get overloaded with clutter… and my aim, eventually, is to have a place other than the top of my coffee table for these things as well…

But it’s a start!


…and I drove out of there, with no-one behind me, feeling funny and free…

Indigo Girls, Reunion

Check it out at:   http://youtu.be/m8ZTAflfcM4 

Uylsses butterfly


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