Is one enough?

A lot of the advice and discussion on minimalism revolves around having only one of a particular thing, or at least only as many as are needed. For example – only enough cutlery for the household, or only one sauce pan, or one couch that doubles as the bed… seems very restrictive and perhaps even a bit dull…

…but I’m starting to realise the benefits…

I have ten mugs.

And I live on my own.

For some reason it feels like luxury to me to be able to be able to use a new mug (not to mention a new teaspoon) every time I have a cuppa throughout the day, but in reality I’m creating drudgery for myself. I have to wash the damn things. For one person I always have an awful lot of dishes to wash… and it’s starting to dawn on me that if I did reduce things like my mugs (and teaspoons) I would rinse and re-use throughout the day and have less dishes to wash at the end of it!

Given that I hate washing dishes this seems like a logical, time-saving, thing to do.

I had a similar realisation about my shower curtain today. I noticed that it is starting to get a little mouldy at the bottom. Believe it or not my first thought was – I should buy a new one.


Somewhere in my mind I believe this will be the easy option and, bonus, I’ll get a new look for the bathroom. Another example of the deeply embedded belief that buying things, even when I don’t need to, is the way I have to go, the only option there is.

There is nothing wrong with the old shower curtain, I actually still like it’s pattern so I don’t need or want a new one, and to chuck it in the washing machine will take less time than getting in my car, going to the shops, searching around to find the shower curtain section, musing over the designs, waiting in line, buying it, driving back home again, opening it, removing the old one and putting the new one up!

      AND there is the added bonus of money still in my pocket so that I can afford to buy something I actually do love!

I reckon that more often than not I’m going to find that, yes, one is enough….                                                           …except when it comes to cats!

Uylsses butterfly


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