Un-cluttering the junk in my head

I’m probably not a good minimalist. But really, what is a minimalist? What is minimalism?

Like everything else in our society it’s a concept, a construct, that has been invented/named by someone and evolved over time to become something with specific rules, guidelines, expectations…and has become a label that can be neatly and conveniently applied to a person in order to define them.

Activist, communist, lesbian, feminist, racist, black, minimalist, consumer, capitalist, white, fat, junky, bachelor, student, sexist, allergic, bulimic, diabetic, intellectual, gay, alcoholic, workaholic, cleanaholic, dole bludger, artist, professional, animal lover, greenie, slut, home-maker, musician, parkie, muslim, protestant, hippy, stoner, foreigner, baby boomer, immigrant, refugee, socialist, gen x-er, punk, evangelist…

Labels suck.

Defining a person by a label is lazy and ignorant. People are more than one word –  people are complex, changeable, and complicated. It’s what makes getting to know someone fun and the study of psychology so interesting.

So when I refer to being ‘minimalist’ don’t get me wrong – I don’t subscribe to any set dogma.

Rather, I’m referring to the concept of minimalism (in so far as I can be bothered to research it) and applying my understanding of this concept to my life in a way that suits me and only me. Any rules that I follow have been set by me because they work for me, not because someone else has said that this is what I have to do if I  want to live a minimalist life.

For me, not taking on the labels / the expectations / or the apparent “givens” of our society is part of what I call my minimalist thinking. I’m un-cluttering the junk in my head by questioning if I want to follow or keep believing a particular societal construct just as much as I’m un-cluttering my house by questioning if I want to buy or keep a particular item.

I’m trying to be more mindful

and less thoughtless…

Uylsses butterfly


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