I’m not anti-consumerism, but…
October 15, 2011

I realise that, like almost everyone I know, I have fallen victim to the myth that having (and more importantly buying) things will make you happy.

Early in my net searching for information and advice on how to live a  minimalist life I came across Joshua Becker’s blog Becoming Minimalist. He has a great quote at the top of his blog:

The best things in life

are not things.

This really resonated with me, I thought of all the times I had been shopping just to cheer myself up, to make myself happy. My sister-in-law and I even had a deal with each other where every fortnight we would go shopping with a limited amount of money we could spend. Off we would go with our $40 bucks (or whatever the amount was – we changed it regularly…) and we would buy things we didn’t need just to buy them. More often than not we bought things we didn’t need or even want. Just to buy something.

So on my journey to minimalism I’m questioning my buying habits using the basic of rule of:

Is it something I need, or is it something I love?

If the answer is ‘no’ then don’t buy it.

Simple really! I tried it earlier this week while I was killing some time waiting for an appointment. There was nothing in the shop that I needed or loved, so I walked out without buying anything. And  not only did I feel like I had some control back in my life, but I also felt happy! Ironic, really.

I’m definitely not anti-consumerist. If I need something, or if I really love something, then I will buy it. But I’m not going to be a sucker to advertising myths anymore.

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